Bio: We must change the political system of Mozambique. We need political freedom and Transparence and a free democracy in the country. I Milange is the district of Zambezia Province where I was born. Provincia Zambezia , with its Capital city by Quelimane by the "Rio dos Bons Sinais" - locally most known for Chaubo, is the place from which Vasco da Gama discovered Mozambique. Vovo Dallas - Mandala of Quelimane, allthough born Sena, used to say that the name Quelimane come from "!Culimane" translated to the local dialect "Chuabo" comes from the word "Culimar" that signifies Cultivating. It is said that when Vasco da Gama finally tied his boat to the World oldest tree in the Marginal of Chuabo by Quelimane's Reviera , Indegenous were bowed down working their land when Da Gama and his cure asked: Culimane? Culimane? The people of Mozambique : starving for land, food, gold, diamonds wealth health and power changed the name of their city from Chuabo to Quelimane. Some archives say that happenned 1944 short after the first Olimpic sea Games 1440`s in Greece. In 1919. While Abrham Lincoln between 1861-1865, was against the increase in slavery in the USA Southern states, relatives of King Afonso Henriques were reproducing themselves is Mozambique, Angola and Cabo Verde. That and other reasons leading to the death of the King of Portugal in 1919, kids of Mozambican, Angolan and Cab-Verdians women were left inside Africa as Land Owners, Economists and Accountants also In Costal areas of Quelimane. After the death of Robert Mundluli in South Africa, young students such as Eduardo Mondlane, Agostinho Neto, Samora Machel and others organized themselves to follow the steps of their brothers in America. With Miriam Makeba in the stages with that voice , Mandela in prision and Malhangatana as a house keeper in Portugal, Mozambicans, helped by Skandinavians critical students of Social Science, lost mentioned supported with their World famous slogan " freedom and equality", decided to free Mozambique from Portuguese colonies. Denmark had butter for the bread that British enjoyed in theiy Beakfast and afternoon tea and insulin was just a medicin to save lifes of Diabets and not an intrument to stablish the countries economy. Allthough Insulin was the country`s main financial revenue it was not Diabets cases multiplicator. Sweden with basebaek as the gretest producer of electricity risking to loose over 50 procents of its population on Radio Active and no trully akkumulation from its colonialism, there was a need to force repeatiton of history. Modern slavery and exploitation was introduced in Mozambique starting with construction of the indtroduction of Ministry of enviroment from 1986 -1996. As a young girl observer and love poems writer, I didn`t know that participation in SADC Politics and Journalism would be my next step. Please bless me God.

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