Little Girls Run For Miles To Help Save Mom

New Day

In today’s edition of the good stuff, two little girls make mom proud and happy to be alive.

As parents, we’re supposed to be our kids’ heroes, right? But for one mom in Oregon, it’s the other way around.

Heather Conrad-Smith has two beautiful young girls.

She also has asthma, and during a recent hike with her daughters, she left her inhaler at home.

That proved to be a nearly fatal mistake.

Conrad-Smith went into respiratory distress miles away along the edge of a cliff, and managed to get one word out to her five and seven-year-old girls: “run!”

And run they did, two miles over the rough Oregon countryside.

Once they made it back, they were able to tell rescuers exactly where to go, and save their mom.

“It just blows me away that my two girls saved my life,” Conrad-Smith says. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t…

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